Documentation for Lazarus packages in HTML format.

For the main development branch of the Lazarus IDE.

Lazarus Packages

Version 3.99-7d0471c6ec (2023-10-06)
Version 3.99-7d0471c6ec (2023-10-06)
Version 3.99.0-414a258750 (2023-06-26)
Version 3.99.0-414a258750 (2023-06-26)
Version 3.99.0-414a258750 (2023-06-26)
Version 3.99.0-414a258750 (2023-06-26)

Free Pascal Packages

Version 3.2.2
Version 3.2.2

About LazDocsNext

This project contains the documentation for packages found in the development branch of the Lazarus IDE ( It contains the HTML output generated for the packages. Other packages may be included in this project when they become available.

LazDocsNext is a perpetual work-in-progress. It provides a way to preview changes to the documentation for the next Lazarus IDE release. Official documentation releases are provided when a new version of the IDE is available. LazDocsNext is comparable to the daily documentation generated for the FPC compiler at

The files on this site are updated "periodically" as new help content dictates. Version, revision, and date information are displayed at the bottom of each page.

Lazarus documentation includes links to topics in Free Pascal documentation files. As a convenience (and to avoid 404 errors), it mirrors the FPC documentation available on SourceForge.

LazDocsNext is not an official project.


There are no requirements to view the HTML documentation other than a relatively modern web browser that supports CSS Level 3 and Javascript.

It is assumed (but not required) that the user has the most recent stable release of the FPC compiler. It is also assumed (and also not required) that the user has the "main" or development branch of the Lazarus IDE project found at:


All content originates from the XML files used to produce Lazarus or Free Pascal documentation. Please report content-related issues to: