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Default hint text shown when the Text property is empty for the control.


Source position: stdctrls.pp line 443

public property TCustomComboBox.TextHint : TTranslateString
  read FTextHint
  write SetTextHint;


TextHint is a TTranslateString property which contains the inline hint text displayed for the control. It is displayed in the editable area for the TCustomComboBox when the Text property is empty. Some platforms may refer to this feature as a "placeholder" or "editing hint". As a TTranslateString value, it can be translated using the LCL localization mechanism when enabled for the project.

The value in TextHint is normally displayed using the color in clGrayText.

The display behavior for TextHint is platform-specific. On some platforms, the text hint is displayed any time the value in Text is empty. For others, it is displayed only when the control does not have focus.

Setting a new value in TextHint causes the widgetset class to be notified, and the value is displayed in the edit control when allowed. If the new property value is an empty string (''), the text hint is removed from the control.

For platforms that do not provide native support for TextHint, an emulated text hint is displayed. This is a TCustomEdit control created to enable the feature, and can be displayed only when the original control does not have focus.

TextHint is different than Hint, which displays a balloon tip when ShowHint is set to True and the mouse is over the control.

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