Unit 'DBGrids' Package
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Reference for unit 'DBGrids'

Implements a data-aware grid to display and operate on information in a database.












Contains resource strings used in the LCL.



Contains WinAPI-like functions for Delphi compatibility.



Provides compatibility with the Delphi Windows unit.



Contains Lazarus message codes and their mapping to message codes for other platforms/widgetsets.



Maintains a global list of Lazarus resources, and provides methods and types used to stream components.



Contains types, constants, classes, and routines used to implement visual controls.



Standard controls used in the Lazarus Component Library (LCL).





Classes for displaying tabular data as a series of rows and columns.



Contains common dialogs used in Lazarus LCL applications.



Implements Theme Services for supported platforms / widgetsets.




Definitions for the Clipboard to hold Cut or Copied data for Pasting.



Contains classes and types used in TCustomImageList, the base class for TImageList.



dbgrids.pas contains classes and types needed to implement a database-aware grid control. The following components are added to the Data Controls tab in the Lazarus IDE Component Palette:

The unit also includes the TComponentDatalink component, which is used as the data link for TCustomDBGrid. It was taken from an article by Joanna Carter: "The Ultimate Datalink?", published in Delphi Magazine Issue #30 February 1998.